Pageants are wonderful and worthwhile.  But, there is no denying that travel, lodging and registration costs can be expensive.  Therefore, unless Contestants are independently wealthy it is always a good idea to secure sponsors to offset costs and support your cause.

In today’s economy it may be difficult to find businesses or individuals willing to donate sponsorship money, especially if they do not see anything in it for their business. 

Whether you are competing in one of our state pageants or you are competing in our National pageant, securing sponsors is a great idea.  State pageant contestants should contact state directors to see if they have informational flyers available to give to sponsors. These flyers will lay out the business and marketing perks that sponsors get.  State and Regional “At Large” contestants and State Queens competing in our national competition can contact our national office for similar information.

Likewise, there may be similar materials available to assist you in your charity fundraising efforts. (See Judging Criteria)

Sponsors potentially reap a variety of benefits from sponsoring your efforts at the national competition:

  • Sponsor’s name and/or logo on Contestant’s profile page in the National American Spirit Pageant Program book.
  • Sponsor’s name, logo and website link on the Contestant’s online page for and/or Contestant’s Facebook page
  • Sandard Business Tax Deduction

Securing Sponsors
Many Contestants obtain sponsors to offset the costs.  We try to make it as easy as possible for you to obtain sponsors by giving you something tangible to show them with respect to their sponsorship.  Sponsorship donations from businesses can be tax deductible as a business expense.  Names of sponsors will be listed in the pageant program book and website under the name of the Contestant being sponsored.  You can secure as many sponsors as you like but be aware that you will only be allowed to list up to ten sponsors in the program book. The following information may be helpful in securing sponsors.

Personal Contributions: 
You may want to ask for small contributions from friends, family and neighbors.  This is usually a very successful method.  We suggest that you make a list of people you know well who would be excited to see you have this opportunity.  Then ask each person for a donation of $35-$50.  This is typically what they might otherwise spend on a gift for you. It gives them a chance to be a part of your big event. You may want to consider school mates and/or co-workers as well.

Businesses:  Small , mid-sized and large businesses are often very willing to be sponsors, especially if you show them some of the advantages they will gain,  Consider places where you may have recently made a purchase or done business. For instance, grocery stores, service stations, cleaners, hardware stores, etc.  Also, look in the yellow pages, newspapers and at local television to see what businesses are doing a lot of advertising.  Often, that is an indication as to which businesses may be most willing to contribute.  Consider banks, accountants, doctors, dentists, attorneys and insurance agents.  Don’t overlook places that are not frequently visited, such as funeral homes.

Community Organizations:  Consider approaching your local Chamber of Commerce, Jaycees, Rotary Club, Optimist Club, Kiwanis, American Legions, VFW, and other fraternal organizations.

Other sources:  Sponsors don’t have to be from your hometown or state.  Feel free to contact anyone.

You will have “Sponsorship Request” sheets to help you out.  Feel free to mail them to any businesses you like.  However, you will likely have much more luck if you personally present the request to the decision maker at the business you are attempting to secure as a sponsor.  Try to schedule an appointment in advance, rather than just showing up.  Tell your potential sponsor that you have an opportunity to participate in the American Spirit Pageant but that you need sponsors to help offset the costs.  Tell them about the pageant itself.  Emphasize that it not only helps build character and confidence for the women who participate, but that charitable fundraising is a core principle upon which it was founded.  Present the information outlined in the “Sponsorship Request” form.  Let them know that they can pay via credit card if that is more convenient.  Checks or money orders may made payable to American Spirit Pageants rather than to you if they want to use their cancelled check and receipt for tax purposes.  Any amount you raise over and above your necessary registration fees and program ad fees will be refunded to you for other expenses.
Be sure to fill out the Sponsorship Information Forms and give your sponsor(s) receipts.

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How to get sponsors to help offset Delegate Costs-

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